Great report on our VSK product, made by Alessandro Pozzi, for the magazine Officina del Vespista. You can’t miss it!

Soon by the hand of Jordi Linares, we will appear in the program “Turismo en Vespa”.

Here is a preview of the program:

Stay tuned for his live program on Tuesdays at 10:00 p.m. on  Youtube:

They are passionate about Vespas whose work is very professional and interesting. We encourage you to subscribe to his channel and download his application.

Once again our VSK jack stand is featured in Scootering Magazine. This time he has been used for two articles. One for rear wheel adjustments and one for clutch repairs.

Also Ron Daley Motorcycles Ltd, has inserted advertising with our products.

Many thanks to Scootering Magazine and Stan Bathes for their trust.

On Sunday March 28, the Kirika Vespa Club gathered several of its members to make a ride to Bermeo. It was 180 km with good weather and better company. With this ride we celebrated the recent anniversary of the launch of our VSK jack stand.


We are proud that our VSK support appears on the cover of the most important magazine for Vespa lovers!

Our friend Stan Bates is doing an excellent report on the restoration of a Vespa T5, and for that work he has not hesitated to use one of our VSK jacks as a work support. This is another of the VSK’s utilities, since in addition to helping you change the spare wheel if you are alone on the road, it is an excellent support for workshop jobs.

Here you have the cover. for more information

And here is our brand new VSK jack stand in action!

Thanks to Scootering Magazine and Stand Bates for trusting in our products.

In the December issue of SCOOTERING MAGAZINE (UK) they have made a review of the CHIS-me device and the incorporation of the VSK portable jack stand to the RON DALEY Motorcycle LTD product catalog. We hope you like it and many thanks to Scootering Magazine for the report.

In the July issue of SCOOTERING MAGAZINE (UK) they have made a review of the VSK portable jack stand. We hope you like it and thank you very much to Scootering Magazine for the report.