On Sunday 02-27-2022 we discovered the Marutegi restaurant in Araia. A route full of green landscapes and little traffic.

Marutegi is spectacular for its landscape and its gastronomy.

By chance we met another group of Vespas, among whom was Iñigo of “Topaleku” in Bilbao, a meeting and enjoyment place for fans of Vespas and Lambrettas, where they also eat and drink as only those from Bilbao know.

Perfect Sunday with the friends of the Kirika Vespa Club. Friends, Vespas and gastronomy on the same day, an unbeatable combination.

During the Route we took the opportunity to install a CHIS-me Device on one of the Vespas.

Another friend who will never again disassemble the side panel and the spare wheel to inflate it!