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VSK – PX – T5 -LML

Every pack includes:
1  Jack for Vespa PX/LML/T5
1  Waterproof transport bag
1 User Manual
1  Packing box

The eternal problem has a solution. Have you ever pricked with your Vespa?

Surely yes. And if not, it’s a matter of time.

Changing the front wheel is easy. Now, if the prick is in the back, it is more complicated.

If you are alone, in the middle of a road you have three options. Or call the insurance, and nobody likes belts touching our bikes, as they are often damaged. On the other hand, the waiting time until the crane arrives can be very long.

Fast, stable and safe.

Another option is to ask someone to help you hold the bike while you change the wheel. But not always someone will be available.

Or worse, you have to dump the motorcycle on the ground with the danger of damage.

From now on, and since the Vespas have spare wheel, you can continue your way in a few minutes and nobody will touch your motorcycle. Only you, who are the ones who best understand it, and care for it.

VSK Jack – What is it?

Change the rear wheel of your Vespa safely. Our jack is detachable and can be stored in your Vespa’s glove compartment thanks to its small size.


  • VSK jack.
  • Waterproof carrying bag (PVC)
  • User manual in 5 languages (Castellano, Deutsch, English, français e Italiano).
  • CE marked.
  • Bidi code for downloading the demonstration videos and the user manual.
  • 2 years warranty.

Video help – scan the QR code

With the “video help” you will see how the use of the jack is very simple and safe. In addition you only need the 13mm socket wrench to change your wheel. With that same key you can finish adjusting the VSK.

Compatible Models

Scooters with removable lateral covers